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We are so honored that you made the decision to trust us with your hair! You haven't just made a good choice, you've made the BEST choice!  We not only use top of the line color, but all of our stylists are extensively trained in color theory, color placement, and how to maintain the integrity of your hair.


We know visiting a new salon, or even figuring out what to book for color can be very intimidating (and we totally get that not everyone speaks stylist lingo!) which is why we've streamlined our options for booking.  Please read through the following packages and choose the one that best suits your needs.  We've included enough time for a haircut and blowout in each package, so don't worry about adding that on.  Literally all you need to do other than choose a package is decide if you need an additional moisture or strengthening treatment, or brow or lip wax to add on!   If you still have questions, feel free to email us at


While these packages are inclusive, they DO NOT account for extra product use for extra long or thick hair.  There will be additional charges for color associated with this, and can be discussed during consultation.

Going Lighter?

Want to add a little (or a LOT) of brightness to your hair?

In a Hurry?

Need a quick color pick-me-up and don't have a lot of time?

Going Darker?

Covering grey? Or just prefer to stay on the dark side?

Specialty Color

Want to be BOLD? Or need some serious color help?

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