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Vivids and Color Correction


4+ hours

If you want BRIGHT, VIVID hair color, this is your selection:

  • Because this is such a specialty service, we REQUIRE a digital consultation before booking so we can best assess your hair, specific service needs, and desired end result. Some of our vivids take 4 hours. Some can take 8 hours. The only way to truly assess this, and make sure we offer the best service possible is via consultation. We offer in-person and digital consultation (via zoom) as well, to help this process along.


  • You will have to fill out a digital consultation form FIRST so we can get back to you with an appointment time. This type of thing is true artistry, and we never, ever want to be rushed to ensure the very best results.

*If you've had vivid services with us before, email us and we will direct you on how to book so we have the correct amount of time. If you are unsure or have forgotten, please email us at, and we will help you out!

Included In This Package


  • Whatever technique or combination of techniques is required to achieve your end result. (all-over blonde, full highlighting, balayage, etc, to get you light enough for your vivid color).


  • Pre-toning, if necessary, to assist with the longevity and on-tone fading of the vivid color.


  • Whatever color(s) you dream of!  Your hair is our canvas!


  • A special treatment to help seal the color into your cuticle for longevity.


  • A haircut & style that fits your needs.



Submit Digital Consultation HERE

Canvas CoLOR Correction

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